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Our Experience

Rae Elson the proprietor of RA Elson Commercial has enjoyed more than two successful decades in the commercial property market of the Greater Bristol and Bath area.

With the personal service offered by RA Elson Commercial, each and every client reaps the benefit of this in-depth involvement in the world of commercial property. It also means that clients of RA Elson Commercial can be sure their representative has experienced most if not all of the situations that property transactions can throw up and can apply the appropriate strategy or solution to ensure the outcome they desire.

Given this extensive local experience it is more than likely that Rae Elson will already be familiar with the property in question, its attributes, surroundings and the likely sector of the market to which it is of most appeal.

However, property is more than just about buildings and is very much a ‘people business’. Over the years Rae Elson has developed strong personal relationships with other property agents and many of the mainstream solicitors, all of which can prove vital when advising clients or instrumental in ensuring a deal progresses to a successful outcome.

Furthermore, playing such an active part in the local property market for such a prolonged period has also given rise to a wide range of property and business-related contacts which Rae Elson can often call upon to the advantage of current clients.

Rae Elson prides himself on his open, honest and impartial advice and approach to business and as a mark of this it is a very common occurrence for past clients and customers to return to RA Elson Commercial years later to renew their business relationship and enlist Rae’s help in their property matters.

RA Elson Commercial is happy to be of service and employ its experience and knowledge for the benefit of all clients 

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